indian coffee2
  • PROCESSING: Washed, Monsooned
  • HARVEST PERIOD: October – March
  • ARRIVAL PERIOD: February – April
  • ANNUAL COFFEE PRODUCTION: +/- 5 million bags

India is a major producer of both Robusta and Arabica coffee, though most of it is consumed domestically and the country is not well-known among American coffee consumers. All Arabica coffee from India is produced in the south, and almost all is washed process. It tends to be full-bodied with soft acidity and subtle sweetness, often with chocolate overtones.

Of note as well is the “Monsooned” coffee from Malabar, a dry-process coffee exposed to monsoon conditions in open-sided warehouses. The acidity is reduced by the weathering, producing a pungent, syrupy brew considered a delicacy by coffee connoisseurs.

Growing Regions


Accounts for 71% of Indian Arabica coffee production. Also known as Chikmagalur, this is where coffee was introduced to India.


Accounts for about 20% of Arabica coffee production, including the Malabar production. Kerala is also the center of India’s organic coffee production.